25 June 2011

Nearly Home

This morning we started out on the prairie, flat with farms partitioned by rows of trees serving as windbreaks.  It's been a long time since I could see that far around me in every direction.  After a short cat nap I woke to find we were on the verge of leaving the prairie--we were driving through National Grasslands and they were amazing.  I loved seeing the prairie in its natural, uncultivated state.

Not too long after passing through the Grasslands I felt a little thrill as I realized we were entering the
West.  The rugged beauty of the land, dotted with occasional evergreens, made feel suddenly comfortable and at home.  I just can't get enough of the cliff lined, swollen rivers, wild grasses and herds of cattle.  Tomorrow we will traverse the Rockies and enter my beloved Pacific Northwest.  Home is calling me.

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Shannon said...

All the things you describe about the West were the things I missed most on the East Coast. It wasn't till I was gone that I realized how much a part of me they really are. So glad you get to enjoy them for the summer. Every place has beautiful aspects, but there really isn't anything like the feeling of home.

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