11 May 2011

My talent

I don't want to brag, but I'm going to tell you something:  I'm awesome at organization.  If you have a task that requires logical thought, attention to detail and logistical coordination I'm your girl.

I love researching and planning events, trips, schedules.  I like making a plan for others to follow.  I get satisfaction out of tackling a large to-do list and watching it dwindle.  I like to be in charge.

I'm an awesome committee chair, budget planner, team parent, group leader.

It's a talent.


Shannon said...

Still working on different aspects of that one myself. I still prefer to be the one doing all the work in the back ground, but it's a good experience to have to be in charge and plan and communicate ideas. Working on it. Can I grow up to be like you?!

Lindsey said...

I bet you play a mean game of Tetris!

SK said...

So... When you guys come over here next do you want to spend a day or two organizing our house??? It would be good practice for you...

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