25 May 2011

A goodbye to Oprah

Years ago I was flipping through the channels and paused on an episode of Oprah.  I had been an occasional watcher, always hoping to catch a "favorite things" day.

That particular day she was interviewing Cameron Diaz about Shrek 2.  The conversation veered toward Cameron's love life and the possibility of marriage.  Cameron said she didn't think she'd get married--she didn't see the need.  Oprah then went on to say that she thought marriage was dying out, that we, as humans, had evolved beyond the need for marriage.

Suddenly, in that moment, I heard a still small voice whisper to me "That is calling good evil and evil good." I took a moment to think of Oprah, and the tremendous influence and resources at her disposal.  I understood that many people listen to her and rely on her to form their opinions.  I also had an instant and clear understanding of how the Adversary uses subtly and cunning to slowly lure people away from the truth.

That was enough for me.  I never watched Oprah again.

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Sally said...

I was just introduced to your blog by my friend, Shannon. I love this post! It's says so much about the people we all idolize and follow through the media! You are so wise! I too am not an Oprah fan.

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