27 May 2011


What is this funny contraption?  It's a Kaboost which allows my littlest guy to reach the table without sitting on his knees and leaning or half laying on the table top.  We like to eat our meals together and everyone should be comfortable.

26 May 2011

A home rehab

This home makes me smile not only because it's adorable, but also because I love the people who live there.  This is my sister-in-law's home.  She and her partner purchased this home and have been rehabilitating it.  They are both handy, but it's more than that really, it's craftsman quality work.  The upstairs is finished and it is amazing.  I can't wait to visit again and see more changes.

25 May 2011

A goodbye to Oprah

Years ago I was flipping through the channels and paused on an episode of Oprah.  I had been an occasional watcher, always hoping to catch a "favorite things" day.

That particular day she was interviewing Cameron Diaz about Shrek 2.  The conversation veered toward Cameron's love life and the possibility of marriage.  Cameron said she didn't think she'd get married--she didn't see the need.  Oprah then went on to say that she thought marriage was dying out, that we, as humans, had evolved beyond the need for marriage.

Suddenly, in that moment, I heard a still small voice whisper to me "That is calling good evil and evil good." I took a moment to think of Oprah, and the tremendous influence and resources at her disposal.  I understood that many people listen to her and rely on her to form their opinions.  I also had an instant and clear understanding of how the Adversary uses subtly and cunning to slowly lure people away from the truth.

That was enough for me.  I never watched Oprah again.

19 May 2011

Dreamy Home

I don't even know where to start.  I'm completely in love with this house.  It has a tower, a wraparound porch, woodwork details, a balcony, a great roofline.  And, the clincher:  it overlooks the ocean.

A girl can dream, right?

18 May 2011

Book Orders

I love looking through my kids' book orders after they've circled their wishes.  This month Goosey circled the following:

It's A Butterfly Life
Archaeology Detectives

Cam Jansen and the Wedding Cake Mystery
The Story of Ferdinand the Bull
Scarlett's New Friend ("A family of seals is in trouble. Can Mermaid Sisters of the Sea help?")

Mad Libs

I love to see what appeals to them each month.

16 May 2011

Sometimes I just want to cry

Today the lady in front of me at the grocery store was buying cigarettes and a pregnancy test.

12 May 2011

Historical home

This home is in the historical district of an old New England town.  I love the dark blue color, the eyelid window, the roof line, the porch, the arched arbor.  Love it.  Just love it.

11 May 2011

My talent

I don't want to brag, but I'm going to tell you something:  I'm awesome at organization.  If you have a task that requires logical thought, attention to detail and logistical coordination I'm your girl.

I love researching and planning events, trips, schedules.  I like making a plan for others to follow.  I get satisfaction out of tackling a large to-do list and watching it dwindle.  I like to be in charge.

I'm an awesome committee chair, budget planner, team parent, group leader.

It's a talent.

10 May 2011

No love lost

Things of which I am not so fond:

mint floss
strawberry jam
blue pens
banana "flavor"
pumping gas
jelly beans
blinking holiday lights

06 May 2011

Boxes lying about

Huh.  Mom didn't put this out with the recycling. 

 She must want us to find a use for it....

We could play spaceship in here for hours!

And they did.  And that's exactly what I hoped they would do.

05 May 2011

A backyard to die for

You're looking at the back of this house.  Why does this one make me smile?  Because the following picture was taken in the backyard.

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