15 April 2011

Works in progress

The library floor is the lego building area in our house.  And, because I don't have the heart to destroy their creations mid-process, it looks like this, or crazier, most of the time.


Queen Scarlett said...

I don't have a single lego in my house. Maybe I should get some. Um...also, can you pan the camera a bit to the right? I want that setee... chair, whatever that is w/the black and white. ;-) Yo quiero.

Cindi said...

Now THAT makes me really happy to see!!! You have your priorities EXACTLY right...the time will come before you know it that your library will be perfectly clean and neat...(in that time before grandchildren arrive) and I guarantee you will wish for the legos on the floor....What a great mom you are!!! The building process is more important than the building itself!

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