11 April 2011

My train of thought this afternoon

The last bit of snow in the shadiest corner of my yard was gone when I awoke this morning.  Ahhh, Spring.

Because the weather has turned and the ground has thawed we are able to have a sprinkler system installed.  Today the plumbers were here to put in a back flow valve and a deduct meter.  They asked if they could access the basement through the bulkhead in order to disturb us less.  Of course we did let them, but I have to wonder what they thought of our food storage.

Do the boxes of rice, oats, beans and wheat make them raise their eyebrows?  Do they think we're weirdo doomsdayers?

And whatever happened to people storing food?  Both sets of my grandparents, who weren't LDS, kept pantries or root cellars with food stores, especially home canned goods.  Has the convenience of the modern world make food storage completely obsolete?

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