08 April 2011

Giving a boost up

I still have a little person that can't reach the bathroom sink without a stool...for now.  Within a year I expect him to be tall enough to do it on his own.  But, for now, each time I trip over this stool I remind myself that he's little and just needs a small boost.  

Someday that won't be the case.  He'll be taller, but I imagine he'll still need a little boost from his mama now and then.  It just won't be a physical one.

This post was inspired by Queen Scarlett.


Queen Scarlett said...

I love your sink/cabinet/fixtures and floor. LOVE.

Also.. we step stools everywhere. It's why we don't close the bathroom door sometimes. ;-)

He is a handsome boy!

Thanks for sharing! CHEERS!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

New Follower here :) following from Queen Scarlett's A Family Lives Here... What a darling little guy you've got there... And what a sweet reminder, tripping over stepping stools, reminding you that they are still so small... for they grow so fast... There are no more stools in my house :( Awwwwwh sweet reminders :)
Happy Friday!

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