05 January 2011

Dogger turns six

At age five I throw my kids a "friends" birthday party.  They seem to really want one at that age, and are able to enjoy it.  I'm sure there will be other years when they really want a party, but so far they've chosen a birthday "experience" for all other birthdays.  We've done a trip to Thanksgiving Point, a Fall Foilage Train ride, a Blue Man Group performance, day trips to the seacoast and family trips to the movies. 

This year Dogger wanted to stay at a hotel with a swimming pool. 

 He opened his gifts and had his cupcakes at the hotel too.

And now he is six!

I love this kid so much.  He has an amazing brain.  Did I tell you that at 5 years old he was able to formulate the idea that a black hole's gravity was so strong that light can't escape it?  (The only reason I know that is I'm married to a physicist.) 

This kid is going places. 

He's also a mama's boy and probably my biggest fan.  And who wouldn't love that?


Lindsey said...

Great choice! I love experience gifts myself.

Wheelwright Adventures said...

That is the best birthday celebration EVER.

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