03 December 2010

Seeking Christmas Dinner

I want to start a new Christmas dinner tradition.  In the past we've always done a turkey, but it's so soon after Thanksgiving that I feel like it's repetitive.  Craig says he's heard of people having prime rib, but he's really lobbying for a goose.  I don't think you can buy goose....can you?

So, I'm wondering what your Christmas dinner traditions are.  Do you have any ideas for us?  Your own traditions or some that you've partaken of at the homes of others?  Please, do share.  Caveat:  no seafood.


Wheelwright Adventures said...

My mom would always buy a ham from the Honeybaked Ham Store. It is delicious!

Shannon said...

My in-laws always had Chinese takeout on Christmas Eve. Not sure why, but it's yummy. My brother-in-law and his family always have fish. One year when I was growing up my mom made Shepherd's Pie on Christmas Eve. That's always seemed so perfect to me being Christmas with shepherds and all. Otherwise, we vary. This year I think I'm going to make shepherd's pie for Christmas Eve and some toasted roast beef sandwiches for Christmas Day. The kids love the the sandwiches, we haven't had them in a while and they're easy. After cooking for 2 days for Thanksgiving I'm kind of looking for easy!

Good luck!

Lindsey said...

Jackie did prime rib last year... but that may have been for Christmas Eve. I prefer ham for Christmas!

Shell said...

My parents always do a ham and augratin potatoes. Other side dishes include, lettuce salad with catalina dressing, jello, homemade rolls and a relish tray. My mom also makes this yummy pineapple/banana slush that we put in 7-up.

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