21 December 2010

My favorite Christmas

I have many fond Christmas memories, but the one that I love the most is from the year I was sixteen.  That Christmas my dad was serving as the bishop of our ward.  Our little congregation had several families who were in need that year.  Fortunately, we also had a few generous members in the ward.

Three weeks before Christmas my dad pulled me aside and gave me a handful of money.  He also gave me a list of shopping to be done.  He told me that he trusted me to make the money stretch to cover all the needs--I had a list of ages and what was to be purchased for each.

I had the most fantastic time searching our little town for the best deals.  I bought toys, books and clothing for children and adults.  I enjoyed wrapping the gifts and reporting to my dad each time found another great bargin.

I know that that money went much farther than it should have.  I also know that there were many families who felt Christlike love through the generosity of their brothers and sisters in the gospel.  For me, it was the most humbling, beautiful Christmas experience I have had.


La Yen said...

That is so cool that your dad involved you. I think that we have a tendency to underestimate the potential of our teens, and we don't let them learn by experience as often as we could. I think that is an awesome Christmas story!

Greek Goddess said...

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

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