04 December 2010

I'm pretty sure it's only going to get worse from here on out

Goosey:  No, I said dated.  What did you think I said?

Dogger:  Mated.

Goosey:  What does mated mean?

Me:  Married.....and having children.

Goosey:  Oh.  Okay.

Dogger:  You and Dad mated.

Me:  Umm, yes.  We did.

Dogger:  Three times.

Me:  Uhhhh, yep.

Goosey:  What?

Dogger:  Three kids.  HELLO!


Shannon said...

Isn't it just lovely when their brains kick in and they start putting things together! Makes for some fun memories, though!

carblemarble said...

hahahahahahaha... totally yours & Craigs kids!

Anonymous said...

I'm here via QueenScarlett. Hilarious story--and just like one from my family. But there were nine of us, so when one of my brothers learned the facts of life, he said, with a look of disgust, "You had to do that NINE times?"

carblemarble said...

Sat around with the family after Christmas caroling last night & read this to them. Suffice it to say, we all were cracking up!

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