11 December 2010

Christmas card oops

Last year when I was making out Christmas cards I noticed that the card we had sent an old friend of Craig's was returned the year before (I keep a list, okay?).  Being the sleuth that I am, I looked him up on the BYU Alumni site.  The name, graduation year, and major matched.  The adress listed was in his hometown so I sent it off.

About two weeks later we got a card back from him, but when we opened it we were astonished to see a picture of a family we've never seen before.  It was not Craig's former roommate, nor his wife and children.    

I like to imagine the wife opening our card (with a picture of our kids on it), shrugging her shoulders and deciding it must be from someone she doesn't remember.  So she reciprocated by sending us a card.

 It still makes me laugh.

Think we'll get one from them this year?

1 comment:

carblemarble said...

Are you going to send them one? I think you should. I mean, do you want them to think that their old friends are snubbing them after getting a card and picture the year before? :)

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