30 December 2010

Vaters Haus

During my senior year in high school I spent the month of December in Germany, visiting an exchange student that had lived with my family the year before.  She lived with her mother in a city, but her father lived in the country.  One weekend we stayed at his home so that I could experience the country life too.  Above is his house.  I instantly fell in love with the vine covered entryway, the simple lines and the stucco facade.

23 December 2010

Merry Christmas from my home to yours

We got a dusting of snow last night, but nothing beyond that so far.  This picture is from two years ago, but it still makes me smile.  I love my house at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas!

21 December 2010

My favorite Christmas

I have many fond Christmas memories, but the one that I love the most is from the year I was sixteen.  That Christmas my dad was serving as the bishop of our ward.  Our little congregation had several families who were in need that year.  Fortunately, we also had a few generous members in the ward.

Three weeks before Christmas my dad pulled me aside and gave me a handful of money.  He also gave me a list of shopping to be done.  He told me that he trusted me to make the money stretch to cover all the needs--I had a list of ages and what was to be purchased for each.

I had the most fantastic time searching our little town for the best deals.  I bought toys, books and clothing for children and adults.  I enjoyed wrapping the gifts and reporting to my dad each time found another great bargin.

I know that that money went much farther than it should have.  I also know that there were many families who felt Christlike love through the generosity of their brothers and sisters in the gospel.  For me, it was the most humbling, beautiful Christmas experience I have had.

17 December 2010

A day late, but look at the gate!

 I found this traditional home while looking for covered bridges.  I liked it, but then I noticed....

the gate!  
With the circle cut-out.  I had to up it to one that I love.

13 December 2010

My favorite Christmas Song

I first heard my favorite Christmas song as a young child. I remember the first time I saw the Hallmark commercial that featured "O Holy Night" --by the end tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful song. To this day it's still my favorite.

11 December 2010

Christmas card oops

Last year when I was making out Christmas cards I noticed that the card we had sent an old friend of Craig's was returned the year before (I keep a list, okay?).  Being the sleuth that I am, I looked him up on the BYU Alumni site.  The name, graduation year, and major matched.  The adress listed was in his hometown so I sent it off.

About two weeks later we got a card back from him, but when we opened it we were astonished to see a picture of a family we've never seen before.  It was not Craig's former roommate, nor his wife and children.    

I like to imagine the wife opening our card (with a picture of our kids on it), shrugging her shoulders and deciding it must be from someone she doesn't remember.  So she reciprocated by sending us a card.

 It still makes me laugh.

Think we'll get one from them this year?

10 December 2010

Christmas on the radio

Listening to Christmas music in the car has prompted my children to ask some questions.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas--" Mom, can you hardly wait for school to start again?"

Last Christmas--  "How could someone give his heart away?  That doesn't make any sense.  Why didn't he give it to someone special the first time?"

Feliz Navidad-- "Why does he want to wish us a Merry Christmas?  Why doesn't he just do it?"

09 December 2010

New England Christmas

This is how we decorate for Christmas in New England.  I love, love, love it.  This home belongs to our neighbors across the street.  I get to look at it whenever I want.  Lucky, lucky me.

04 December 2010

I'm pretty sure it's only going to get worse from here on out

Goosey:  No, I said dated.  What did you think I said?

Dogger:  Mated.

Goosey:  What does mated mean?

Me:  Married.....and having children.

Goosey:  Oh.  Okay.

Dogger:  You and Dad mated.

Me:  Umm, yes.  We did.

Dogger:  Three times.

Me:  Uhhhh, yep.

Goosey:  What?

Dogger:  Three kids.  HELLO!

03 December 2010

Seeking Christmas Dinner

I want to start a new Christmas dinner tradition.  In the past we've always done a turkey, but it's so soon after Thanksgiving that I feel like it's repetitive.  Craig says he's heard of people having prime rib, but he's really lobbying for a goose.  I don't think you can buy goose....can you?

So, I'm wondering what your Christmas dinner traditions are.  Do you have any ideas for us?  Your own traditions or some that you've partaken of at the homes of others?  Please, do share.  Caveat:  no seafood.

02 December 2010

Chatham Light

What's better than a lighthouse?  A lighthouse with a Christmas wreath!  I love lighthouses.  I would love to live in one (or next to one, as is the case here).
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