23 November 2010

I have a confession...

I've taken two online photography classes.  I don't like to admit this, especially to the blog-o-sphere, because I don't want to be labeled as one of those people who thinks she can start a photography business because she bought a DSLR.  I am not that person.

I love photography.  I was introduced to "real" cameras when I was on yearbook staff in high school.  I loved it--both shooting and developing.  As a senior I spent time working in a portrait studio as part of an internship.  I loved that too.

I thought about majoring in photography at the BYU, but a drawing course was a requirement and I knew I couldn't do that, so I didn't.

But I did take these two classes because I love taking photographs and I wanted to improve.  And I've learned a lot.  And I love the pictures that I'm taking of my family and friends.

I've been expanding my knowledge and skills.  And I'm proud of myself for doing that.  So there.


carblemarble said...

Awesome! Anything to improve ourselves, especially when it's something we enjoy!

Queen Scarlett said...

I love you.

Jackie said...

My grandkids are so lucky to have such a talented, smart mommy! We are thankful for your wonderful photography skills and for sharing all the kids pictures with us!!! Wish I was closer and could babysit more to help you have more time!

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