29 November 2010

Funny or ugly?

When I worked at the BYU my boss's 3-year-old daughter liked to play a game called "Funny or ugly?"  She would do something, then ask her dad if it was a funny or ugly thing to do.  Example:  "Dad, I just threw the cat down the stairs.  Funny or ugly?"

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I wonder, "Funny or ugly?"  Today, for example, I wondered "Is it funny or ugly that I take my kids to say hello to the lobsters in the grocery store?"  Because let's be honest, I know that those lobsters are going to be someone's dinner......but I think my kids might be under the impression that it's a mini-aquarium .


cw said...

You mean it's not a mini aquarium?

I always go say hi to the lobsters. Even without the kids.

Shannon said...

No worries- we used to do that ALL the time. Sometimes it was the only way I could get Ryan into the car to go grocery shopping. As far as I'm concerned, they are mini aquariums. I can't stand sea food.

Lindsey said...

I get the impression that the kids would be fine with knowing someone is going to eat the lobsters. I mean, they already know that beef/roast = cow. I think they'd be more worried that people actually eat those ugly things, when they could be having a delicious and adorable pig or something.

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