03 November 2010

Dinner Conversation

Crossley, age 5

Me (in my most convincing tone):  You know what I like to do?  I like to take a little bit of cabbage with each bite of meatloaf.  It's really good.

Dogger (thoughtfully):  There are two kinds of really good: kid really good and adult really good.  Kid really good is spaghetti.  Not whole wheat spaghetti.  And there's parent really good.  Like cabbage and meatloaf.......and whole wheat spaghetti.


Cindi said...

That is a HOOT! And extremely true...just ask few of my "sons"--they are all in their thirties, and just coming around to the idea of what is "grownup good"!

Lindsey said...

That's a smart kid! I didn't start liking cabbage until after college, and then only raw. I've slowly grown into cooked cabbage.

Jackie said...

He is so cute! Thanks for sharing the funny and darling story! Grandmommy will be sure to only give him "Kid good stuff" when I am with him next. :-)

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