26 October 2010

Rock and a hard place

I've tried so many different beginnings for this post and none sounds right.

Basically it comes down to this:  Our health insurance with Craig's new company hasn't started yet and the state refused to keep my kids insured until it does because a) we make too much money for the "free" program and b) they insured my kids for two weeks this summer, making them ineligible for the buy-in program.

So when one of my children needed medical attention I actually waited a week to see if it might get better....until it got to the point when I realized that it wouldn't.

I don't think a child should have to go without medical attention because of a lack of insurance.  And I feel like a horrible mother for waiting as long as I did.  And if I thought we didn't need to do something about the insurance/healthcare system before I sure do now.  Because there's nothing more awful than watching your child struggle through ongoing asthma attacks and wondering if you can afford to get her help.

P.S. She's doing wonderfully now.  They gave her a lung-strengthening steroid and the difference is amazing.


La Yen said...

I came to the same conclusion the other day. I didn't have a catalyst for it, my mind just solidified around the idea. And I know the whole argument about "forcing people to pay for someone's health care" but as for me and my house, we will pay for you and yours.

Now do I have ANY faith in the government's ability to get this health care thing right in the next ten years? Nope. sigh.

Shannon said...

Yea my favorite was when we were in AZ and Greg was unemployed. My parents were helping us make ends meet and it came to $10 too much per month for the kids to be covered for health care, but they'd cover Greg and I. The whole process was a waste of time, any way. It took them 6 months to get the paper work all arranged and approved and Greg had started a temporary position that had benefits by the time we were notified that the adults in our family qualified, but not the kids. How stupid is that!

I agree with La Yen above. I have no faith in the government getting this right in my lifetime. Sometimes I wish they'd get out of the whole mess but I'm sure that won't happen either.

No kidding, a rock and a hard place.

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