29 October 2010

Falling away

We're definitely past peak leaf season now.  But, the late fall colors are still gorgeous.  I love that we get three full months of autumn here.

28 October 2010

Italianate Victorian

I love the mansard roof on this one.  The proportions feel right.  I also love the cupola.  This house is on the Maine coast and I have the feeling that may be a functional cupola--one where a sea captain's wife could wait, watching for his safe return.

27 October 2010


When my mother-in-law was here she told me that my photo on blogger isn't the most flattering picture of me.  "You look angry."

Do I?

26 October 2010

Rock and a hard place

I've tried so many different beginnings for this post and none sounds right.

Basically it comes down to this:  Our health insurance with Craig's new company hasn't started yet and the state refused to keep my kids insured until it does because a) we make too much money for the "free" program and b) they insured my kids for two weeks this summer, making them ineligible for the buy-in program.

So when one of my children needed medical attention I actually waited a week to see if it might get better....until it got to the point when I realized that it wouldn't.

I don't think a child should have to go without medical attention because of a lack of insurance.  And I feel like a horrible mother for waiting as long as I did.  And if I thought we didn't need to do something about the insurance/healthcare system before I sure do now.  Because there's nothing more awful than watching your child struggle through ongoing asthma attacks and wondering if you can afford to get her help.

P.S. She's doing wonderfully now.  They gave her a lung-strengthening steroid and the difference is amazing.

22 October 2010

Fairy tale House

I snapped this picture on my cell phone while waiting at an intersection.  Please try to ignore the fact that it was trash collection day and instead look at the roofline....and the beautiful chimney right in the front.  So cute!  This house reminds me of Hansel and Gretel--don't you think it could pass for the gingerbread house?

20 October 2010

Sometimes I think....

I should've majored in:

Recreation Management and Youth Leadership
Political Science
American Studies
Manufacturing Engineering
Travel and Tourism

18 October 2010

To satisfy Aunt Lindsey's insatiable curiosity

Both sets of grandparents came for Goosey's baptism.  Aunt Lindsey has demanded pictures of the paternal side of the family.  Unfortunately there weren't many of the kids and grandparents together....probably because Goosey and Dogger were in school most of the time.
Papa Don playing legos with the boys.

Grandmommy making french toast before school.

Papa Don harassing Lew at Dogger's soccer game.
Grandmommy watching Dogger play soccer.
Papa Don and Lew fixing my kitchen drawers.

What team work!

16 October 2010

Wicked Awesome

Last night my friend Cat and I went to Boston to see......
Attempt at a self portrait.

Did you see it?  Up in the corner?  Just in case you missed it....
A kind passerby takes our picture (but not very well).

It was WICKED awesome.  The Boston Opera House was gorgeous.  
The actresses playing Elphaba and Glinda were spot-on with amazing voices.
Finally, someone who can take a photograph.....but were were laughing and looking goofy.

15 October 2010

New England Autumn 2010

We are having a nor'easter today.  The rain hasn't been too bad, but the winds are definitely coming in high powered gusts.  The unfortunate thing about this storm is when it's hitting--right at peek leaf season.  The last two days our leaves have been absolutely gorgeous.  Amazingly beautiful.  I've been able to snap a few shots, but I'm hoping the storm doesn't blow everything away so I can get some more.

14 October 2010

The house of orange

I really, really love this house.  I've been waiting for the trees around it to turn so that I could take an autumn picture.  I love the color.  I love the setting.  I love the style.  I drive by this house every day, and everyday I admire the way they've been true to the architecture.  With the exception of the car in the driveway, this home looks like it could fit right into the 1930's.

To be baptized.....is just the thing I want to do

Goosey, age 8

Goosey prepared herself and made the choice to be baptized.

 We are so pleased with the way Goosey lives her life.  She is unfailingly kind and always tries to do her best.  She loves to help others and do what is right.

07 October 2010

A guiding star

I spotted this house from the parking lot of our insurance agent's office.  Just over the back fence  I thought I saw a happy little home peeking at me, and I was right!  My agent (and friend from church) told me that this home has really been transformed over the last few months.  It has a new owner who cut down trees that were crowding in and cleaned everything up.  I love it when you can see the pride owners have in their home, and love it even more if they've taken a home that needs some TLC and fixed it up.

06 October 2010

I could get used to this

Last night was Goosey's first Activity Day.  A big thank you to my friend Staci, her leader.

 Last time the girls filled out pedigree charts and last night they were rewarded with pedicures!

Which was completely awesome for me, because Goosey insisted on exercising her new skills today.

And I was the fortunate recipient.

05 October 2010

To tweet or not to tweet

Often I have ideas for multiple posts bouncing around in my head.  I'll have an experience and I'll think, "I should blog that."  But I don't always do it.  Sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I talk myself out of it, "That's not worthy of a blog post."  And then I wonder if I should start tweeting because often it's just a little something.  Like this:

Elder Ballard mentioned in his General Conference address that there are some places where more people die from prescription drug overdoses than from car accidents.  That's here--the state I live in.  I listened to an NPR show on it two days before.

But then I decide that no one wants to hear the things I file away into my "gee whiz collection".

01 October 2010

A blue farmhouse

We pass this house at least once a week.  It's on our way to the library and our favorite restaurant.  I love the porch (of course) and the color.  Such a pretty, soft blue (have you seen my walls?).
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