29 September 2010

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything

My children have been obsessed with dinosaurs for the last month.  Last week at the library I saw this book and brought it home.  It's a hit!

 The story is about a little boy who doesn't like running errands with his mother every Friday, until one Friday when everything changes.  Each place they go he receives a dinosaur as a bonus prize.  A real live dinosaur.

On the street kids are followed by lines of dinosaurs while their mothers look frazzled.  The moms have to decide whether to do their errands and risk collecting more dinosaurs or to go home and wait for another day.

My boys think this book is fantastic.  They like to imagine where they might be given a dinosaur (the grocery store?  the bank?) and what kinds they could collect if dinosaurs really did come with everything.


Azúcar said...

We absolutely love this book.

Queen Scarlett said...

Found it at Pottery Barn a few years back... one of our favorites to read at night.

carblemarble said...

Cool book!

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