03 September 2010

They did what????

We live in New England. That means the winters are very cold and prolonged. If the temperature is below freezing my children have no recess at school. I can understand the reasoning (although I don't like it).

However, I was completely blown away this week to find out that my kindergartner will have no recess. Effective this year, no recess for kindergartners. And, because it's only half day kindergarten they don't have gym at all.

Then today I found out that morning recess was taken away from all of the students. That means that my second grader is in school from 8:20am-2:30pm with 20 minutes of recess after lunch. That's it. She also gets to have gym for 45 minutes each week.

When I questioned the assistant principal she said that they need more instructional time to meet the curriculum requirements. I know there was a shake-up in curriculum this year, but I'm not familiar with the particulars. I do know this though--our school has met the No Child Left Behind requirements every year, and has been the only elementary school in the district to do so. Whatever the district has thrown at them has them scrambling.

And I feel like my children's time to "be kids" is being taken from them.


cw said...

As a mother and as the wife of an elementary school teacher, I so feel your pain.

AzĂșcar said...

My 1st grader gets 3 recesses. If you and the other parents make a big enough stink, they will change.

La Yen said...

This is a huge trend nation-wide. And I predict that the biggest victims will be the boys. Unable to get their wiggles out, more and more will be "diagnosed" as needing medication. It is RIDICULOUS.

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