23 September 2010

I am excessively fond of a cottage

I've been eyeing this house for two years.  It's backyard is visible from the school parking lot and I've always theorized that the front must be fantastic.  Last week I had a couple of minutes to spare before kindergarten pick-up time so I took the turn before the school--the dead-end street I'd never been on.  So worth the detour.

White picket fence, cheery soft yellow color, rose bushes, shutters, small porch on the side, overhanging trees, arched gate, darling patio furniture in the garden, window boxes.  I think I want this to be my next house.


Anna and Jon said...

Do the people in Manchester ever wonder, why is that random lady taking pictures of my house???
I think it's fun too.

Shell said...

I thought I was one of the only people who loves to look at houses. I love that you have so many old homes where you live. The older the better, I say.

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