23 August 2010

Things they don't tell you about being unemployed

  • If you receive severance pay, or are paid out for unused vacation, it pushes the date back for qualifying for unemployment payments
  • Any money you make during unemployment (say for contract work) will be deducted from your unemployment check
  • The amount that is paid out for unemployment is laughable--you'll be lucky if it covers your mortgage
  • COBRA is really, really expensive. Who loses their job, then can afford the $1200/month to insure their family?
  • It will take weeks (still waiting) for your kids to get on the state health insurance for children
  • You will feel absolutely sick to your stomach any time you go to the store because you're spending money(sure, it's just $10 for milk, eggs and bread, but that's $10 less in the savings account)
  • You will have to upgrade your cell phone plan to cover all the lengthy phone interviews
  • You easily spend 40 hours/week applying and interviewing for jobs
  • Employers are in no hurry to get you hired
  • When an offer does come you wonder if you should take it--what if something better comes along the next day or week?


cw said...

Man I am so so sorry. That really, really stinks. Hang in there. For what it's worth, I know a few people--family and friends--that ended up w/ way better jobs (when they eventually got them) than those they were laid off from. I hope that's the case for you all as well. Best, best wishes, thoughts and prayers!

Lindsey said...

What a complete bummer. I hope something truly fabulous comes along soon (preferably on the West Coast). I can't believe how expensive COBRA is, how complicated it is to administer, or how long you have to wait for the first unemployment check.

I read an article recently that said that all of us HR professionals should be laid off at one point in our careers. That way, we'll understand what it feels like and recruit/hire accordingly.

Shannon said...

I have to agree with everything you said. You could also add the emotional roller coaster you ride every time you find a possible job listing, hear back on a possible interview, actually have the interview, not have it lead anywhere, and start the process all over again- or have several of these processes going on at once. I felt like a basket case.

It was so hard to just watch Greg, too. I never realized how important it was for a husband and father to fell like they were providing for their family. It's a huge blow to their self esteem and as a wife who loves her best friend it's hard to watch them suffer in a way you can do nothing about. The most interesting part of the whole process was the few weeks he worked for UPS. It paid almost nothing, but at least he was out working and doing something to provide. The change in his outlook on everything was visible in his face.

On your last question- just keep praying about it and you'll know when and what job is the right one.

We both learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and faith through the whole process. I appreciate it more now, though, than I did then. You're in my prayers. Oh, I hope everything works out right- which I also hope includes soon! Chin up, you can do this!

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