25 August 2010

Recurring Dream

I'm in high school and I've been ill. I've missed a lot of school--a couple of weeks. On my first day back things don't start off well--I can't remember my locker combo. Then I go to class.

Math is the worst. It's with Mrs. Lapp, the Algebra 2 teacher, and I realize how much I've missed. In fact, I know that there is no possible way for me to catch up. It's too much. I start finding ways to get out of math class (student council, band, etc) so that I don't have to sit through classes that I don't understand because math is progressive. I missed those two weeks, so now I can't keep up with the material. It's just too much.

And I know I'm ruining my future. I'm going to flunk math. No college will want me. I'm making a fully informed decision to fail. But I feel I have no other choice.

As a variation on a theme, I sometimes have basically the same dream, but with seminary.

With either scenario I wake feeling hopeless.


Anonymous said...

Too weird. I have a very similar recurring dream; forgotten locker combo, either no lunch money or forgotten lunch code, missed classes, usually history, math and anatomy and I begin carelessly skipping classes, usually not by choice, knowing I'm going to fail. I too wake up feeling completely hopeless.

I wonder what this says about us?

Shannon said...

My recurring dream involves showing up at the end of a semester in college only to realize I haven't gone to any of my classes all semester and today is finals. Ugh, I hate those nights!

I think it has something to do with being in a real life situation where the outcome is out of your control. You wouldn't be going through anything like that right now, would you?!

Sleep well tonight!

Cindi said...

I have the SAME dream...only, not only can I not remember my locker combination, I haven't been able to find any of my classes all term!!! Finally locate them and haven't a clue...and final exams are being given!!! I usuallyhave this dream when I am super stressed!

Kalli Ko said...

It's like you just described my recurring nightmare.

Except mine is my college algebra class, the last one I needed to graduate and I never went hoping it would just disappear and I'd pass anyway.

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