14 July 2010

Employment Update

I just responded to an encouraging email from a friend and realized that I could update everyone right here. So, copied and pasted from the email, here it is:

It's been two weeks, but Craig has been very busy interviewing and applying for jobs. Today is the first day that he hasn't "worked" a full 8 hours talking to people, sending out resumes, etc. He took the morning off and went to the library with us, then got a call from a company right after lunch.

We feel very blessed because so many people we know have reached out with connections and offers to recommend him to their companies. He's currently in the third round of interviews with three different companies and has had preliminary interviews with about five others.

Personally, I am grateful that I married a man who values education and hard work. His resume speaks for itself. The fact that he has former co-workers contacting him constantly, trying to get him to apply to their companies, also testifies of his abilities. I think he's brilliant, and I guess they caught on too. :)

So, we haven't felt worried or scared. We're economizing and beginning to use our 3 month storage. But, we have no doubt that he will have a job offer before we run out of funds or food. We're in a much better situation than so many people are right now, and for that we are grateful and humbled.


Popcorn House said...

Thank you so much for the update. We will be thinking and praying for you. It is one of those things where until you have been through it you just don't quite understand how hard it is. I have heard that things are picking up so hopefully you guys will have employment before the 3 months runs out.

carblemarble said...

Hooray for interviews! We're praying for you guys! LOVE YOU!

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