26 July 2010

Endure it well

Our Relief Society lesson yesterday was President Uchtdorf's talk "Your Happily Ever After". It was a fun talk (He just "gets" women, even young women). President Uchtdorf spends some time on enduring trials as part of our journey to our happily ever after. He quotes the following from the Doctrine and Covenants,

“[Your] adversity and [your] afflictions shall be but a small moment; and then, if [you] endure it well, God shall exalt [you] on high.”3

I've heard that scripture lots of times, but suddenly the word well stood out. We must endure our adversity and afflictions well. Not just endure, endure well.

I think I could endure just about anything. Most of us can--it's what we do. We keep on going despite the trials, the heartache, the monotony. We endure. We're made for it. But, how many of us are enduring well?

Are we finding joy in our enduring? Do we recognize the small miracles and mercies the Lord sends along the way? The friend who eases the trial for a few minutes, the sun shining through a canopy of leaves, the taste of warm cookies from the oven? The incredible knowledge we gain through our experiences, the strengthening of our testimonies. Those are the things we need to embrace while enduring.

Sometimes I just endure. I know lots of people who are willing to tell you how much they're enduring and how long they've been enduring. But if we are to be "exalted on high" we must endure well. I must endure well.

22 July 2010

Jessica's House

Today's house is courtesy of my friend Jessica. She likes "Houses that Make Me Smile" and has begun watching for her own. Her husband thought she was crazy for asking him to slow down so she could take a picture, but as all good husbands know, it's best just to humor the wife.

Jessica emailed a few pictures of the house and I fell in love too. The roofline, the vine covered walls, the double chimneys. And the entryway..... Nice find Jessica!

15 July 2010

Neighborhood Beauty

This home is the same style as 90% of the houses in my neighborhood, but I think it stands out. The color scheme just feels right for a colonial and the yard is always impeccable. To the left (unfortunately out of the picture) is a darling arched gateway, covered in vines, leading to the backyard.

14 July 2010

Employment Update

I just responded to an encouraging email from a friend and realized that I could update everyone right here. So, copied and pasted from the email, here it is:

It's been two weeks, but Craig has been very busy interviewing and applying for jobs. Today is the first day that he hasn't "worked" a full 8 hours talking to people, sending out resumes, etc. He took the morning off and went to the library with us, then got a call from a company right after lunch.

We feel very blessed because so many people we know have reached out with connections and offers to recommend him to their companies. He's currently in the third round of interviews with three different companies and has had preliminary interviews with about five others.

Personally, I am grateful that I married a man who values education and hard work. His resume speaks for itself. The fact that he has former co-workers contacting him constantly, trying to get him to apply to their companies, also testifies of his abilities. I think he's brilliant, and I guess they caught on too. :)

So, we haven't felt worried or scared. We're economizing and beginning to use our 3 month storage. But, we have no doubt that he will have a job offer before we run out of funds or food. We're in a much better situation than so many people are right now, and for that we are grateful and humbled.

Go! Cutter Giveaway

I really want to win this. But if I don't, you might as well. What you don't quilt? You could always send it to me if you win. (wink, wink)

08 July 2010

Modern Beauty

If you're going to go modern, you might as well make it good. This home is built into a hillside, is surrounded by trees and built in planters. You don't notice it until you're at the driveway. Imagine all the light that comes in through the multiple windows along the top of every room.

01 July 2010

Lakefront living

The home for this week is all about setting. I've been at YW Camp during the afternoons this week. Our camp is set on a small lake that has only private beach fronts. Doesn't that sound heavenly? A home on a quiet lake?

The house in the picture is visible from our waterfront area. It's a simple home, but the views are amazing. I love the idea of waking in the morning and going straight into the lake for a swim before breakfast and showering. Divine!
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