29 June 2010

That's a funny name

Cabesh. That's my blog-o-name. It has absolutely nothing to do with my real name. It's a nickname. A nickname I was given in college.

My freshman year I lived in my university's foreign language housing--the Spanish house to be exact. There were six of us girls: five learning the language and one native speaker. Our native speaker was a graduate student from Ecuador named Karina.

About a month into fall semester we were enjoying some roommate time...joking and laughing and enjoying each others company. Suddenly Karina declared that I looked like a cabbage patch doll when I laughed....and more over, I sounded like a cabbage patch doll when I laughed (do cabbage patches laugh?). The roommates latched onto the idea and I became the cabbage patch, only in Spanish, which made me a "cabesh pach".

The following year I roomed with one of the same girls. Ashley always called me cabesh. Always. So the new roommates caught on and the name lived on. When I met Craig all my friends were calling me cabesh, so he did too. And still does.

I am cabesh. Because I laugh like a cabbage patch kid.


Queen Scarlett said...

That is one way tan fabulous post. ;-) Me gusta.

Shannon said...

I've always wondered. Thanks for answering my unasked question!

Pink Posts said...

LOL! That made me laugh! Especially the last line.

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