17 June 2010

Houses that make me smile

Each Thursday (fingers crossed) I'm going to post a picture of a house that makes me smile. These are homes that I find making me happy as I drive by them. Most will be those that I drive by often--on the way to the school, church or store. Others might be a one time find on a trip or errand.

The only requirement is that I find myself smiling and thinking, "I'd like to live in a home like that." It might be the paint color, the architecture, the landscaping, who knows.....

To kick things off:

This one is on the way to the school. I love the green with the white trim, the porch, the swing. This just looks like a cozy home to me.

1 comment:

Pink Posts said...

That's an adorable house! And I love this idea! Will be fun to see the nice homes they have there.

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