30 June 2010

Will work for pay

Just before noon today Craig was informed that his company was closing its doors and he would no longer be employed, effective immediately. He has already made several contacts, but I'm just putting the information out there in case any of you know of something.

Craig has a masters degree in Physics. For the last ten years he has been employed as a software engineer developing web applications. His technical abilities include Python, Django, Flex, Java, HTML5 +JS, Android.

While he has worked from home for the last three years, we are open to moving anywhere.

If you have a contact or lead for us please email to cabesh@gmail.com

P.S. Prayers are appreciated too. :)

29 June 2010

That's a funny name

Cabesh. That's my blog-o-name. It has absolutely nothing to do with my real name. It's a nickname. A nickname I was given in college.

My freshman year I lived in my university's foreign language housing--the Spanish house to be exact. There were six of us girls: five learning the language and one native speaker. Our native speaker was a graduate student from Ecuador named Karina.

About a month into fall semester we were enjoying some roommate time...joking and laughing and enjoying each others company. Suddenly Karina declared that I looked like a cabbage patch doll when I laughed....and more over, I sounded like a cabbage patch doll when I laughed (do cabbage patches laugh?). The roommates latched onto the idea and I became the cabbage patch, only in Spanish, which made me a "cabesh pach".

The following year I roomed with one of the same girls. Ashley always called me cabesh. Always. So the new roommates caught on and the name lived on. When I met Craig all my friends were calling me cabesh, so he did too. And still does.

I am cabesh. Because I laugh like a cabbage patch kid.

24 June 2010

Capital beauty

This home is located just a few blocks from the capitol building in our state. I love the liberal use of architectural details so common in the Victorian era. While I wouldn't want to clean this home (can you imagine how long it would take?) I wouldn't mind living there if I had a household staff.

Please excuse the snow. This a photo from my files, taken last February. (I stopped off today to take a new photo only to find my CF card had been left in the reader at home!).

19 June 2010

Front Page News

That's Goosey receiving the high five. Front page center, above the fold this morning.

She's done with first grade, which I can hardly believe. We're hoping to throw ourselves full force into summer fun.

17 June 2010

Houses that make me smile

Each Thursday (fingers crossed) I'm going to post a picture of a house that makes me smile. These are homes that I find making me happy as I drive by them. Most will be those that I drive by often--on the way to the school, church or store. Others might be a one time find on a trip or errand.

The only requirement is that I find myself smiling and thinking, "I'd like to live in a home like that." It might be the paint color, the architecture, the landscaping, who knows.....

To kick things off:

This one is on the way to the school. I love the green with the white trim, the porch, the swing. This just looks like a cozy home to me.

16 June 2010

Baby Quilt

I made this baby quilt for my friend Janny.

Janny's husband did an internship here last summer. While he was slaving away she was our (nearly) constant companion on our summer outings. I was so excited a few months ago when she told me that they had accepted a full-time job and would be coming back here.

We are also very excited because they will be welcoming their first baby next month--a little girl. Hurray for babies!

01 June 2010

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