15 May 2010

My love/hate relationship with New England, part 2--THE HATE or "Why I miss the West"

Dear West,
I miss your wide open spaces. Sometimes I get claustrophobic here in New England and want to be able to see more than 200 yards around me. I also miss your mountains.

I miss freeways. Yes, we have interstates here, but we pay to drive on them, thus there's no free part. And so, unfortunately, they are known simply as highways.

I miss your rugged coastline. How I love the dear Pacific Ocean and it's gigantic waves. I also appreciate the fact that you offer your beaches to the public at no cost.

I long for your beautiful campgrounds--run by the county or state at affordable prices.

I miss large states and unincorporated areas. That's right, everything here is within a town or city limit (I know!).

I miss dry summers. Humidity is for the birds.

I miss big trees. I mean really big trees, the kind that take only three to fill a log truck. Heck, I miss log trucks.

I miss the public's commitment to recycling and responsible stewardship for the land.

I miss hippies. And cowboys.

I miss you.

With much love,
A Native Oregonian


compulsive writer said...

from one native oregonian to another: i get you.

La Yen said...

Not the hippies. But everything else I totally get. Oh, for the giant trees...and the LAND. I miss vast expanses.

In Texas I get about 70% of this (Because a Texan will always remind you that Texas is not the South, not the West, but Texas), but El Paso is NOT Texas. It is North Mexico. So I feel like I have one foot in the door of the West, and one foot en la puerta.

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm a yuppie hippie. I love farmer's markets, natural, real foods, doing my bit for the earth (w/in reason)...and I occasionally wear tie die...but no birks... Does that count? ;-)

That's one thing I didn't get when I was at BYU ... where the heck was the recycling. It hurt me to throw things in the garbage and not have a recycling can.

... I had no idea he worked from home! DUDE... come back!

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