24 May 2010

Misty Thoughts

I woke to find a light fog this morning. It filled in the spaces between my neighbors houses and created a veil for the trees out back. It was so beautiful. For a long while I stood at the window, watching it slowly disappear.

It felt like home. In the valleys of Oregon it's common to have fog for days on end; thick fog, a thin barley there fog, fog that burns off by afternoon, fog that refuses to burn off and stays for a week or more. Fog in every imaginable form.

I love the mysteriousness of fog. Seeing car headlights approaching long before the car becomes visible. Friday night football games where, like clockwork, the fog rolls in at the end of the third quarter creating a dreamlike scene. Trusting that the ocean waves I'm hearing are really hitting the beach despite the fact that I can't see them through the thickness of the mist. The low moaning of a fog horn singing me to sleep on a camping trip. Secretly wondering if the house across the road will still be there when the fog burns off and it is once again visible.

We need more fog here.


cw said...

i may have said this before (i did!), but i get this. for this very reason i have been in love with last june and this past may. we had actual weather here--as in clouds and rain and not just vacant blue sky and scorching sun.

that aside, you still make me homesick. i haven't heard a fog horn sing for ages.

Cindi said...

That fog was sent to soothe your longing for home just a bit...

carblemarble said...

oh, I miss home. The fog horns were one of my favorite noises at night when we would go camping.

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