10 March 2010

Community Education

Every two months we get a flyer for the community education classes being offered through a local high school. I pour over it each time, hoping that upholstery will be an offering. No joy yet. Chair Caning* is being offered this time though--I'm quite tempted.

In my search for an upholstery class I have become familiar with the standard offerings: Italian 1 ~level 4, Stress Management w/Yoga, Archery, Repairs for the Homeowner, Sour Dough Bread Making, Stained Glass ~level 1, Drivers Education, etc. But there are two types of classes that never fail to intrigue me: first, "People pay to take that class?" and second, "That's just weird enough I wish I had time to take it."

I honestly wonder who pays for classes entitled: Buy a Home/Business Computer, The Internet for Seniors, Walking for Fitness and Fun, Beginning Knitting and Crochet, Stock Market Review, Intro to Windows, Feasting on Spring Vegetables. Personally, I'm a fan of asking my elderly neighbor to show me how to knit in exchange for computer help. I also believe in common sense--I don't think I need anyone to tell me about walking (if I did I could read about it online) or how to eat spring vegetables. Just saying.

Weird offerings this session that I wish I had time to take: Animal Totem Wisdom, Duck Decoy Carving, Herb Safety 101, Crystals for Abundance & Transformation, PetSaver Training, Learn to do Voice Overs.

Have you taken a community education course? Was it of the standard "conversational Spanish" variety or something more exotic?

*All courses mentioned have remained true to the actual spelling and wording found in the flyer itself.


carblemarble said...

Mom and I took a floral arranging class. It was a few men teaching a room full of women! The best part was that they provided vases and flowers and the class was FREE!!

Pink Posts said...

LOL...too funny!
I bet you could google how to do upholstery. I taught myself and it's not hard, just some physical work in maneuvering the piece of furniture, which you could get help with. If you can make a quilt or sew an apron, you can do it!!

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