16 March 2010

Goosey's Quilt

I started Goosey's quilt 3 1/2 years ago. My ward had just started a quilting group and I was very eager to learn. I took Goosey to a quilt shop and let her choose her fabric. It was on this quilt that learned to cut and piece. I ran into some challenges when we found an antique bed for Goosey that was not a twin, but a 3/4 sized bed. I had to figure out how to make the quilt the right size for the bed. That doesn't sound hard now, but at the time I was terrified that I would ruin this quilt which I had already invested so much time and energy in.

In January I sent the quilt off to a long arm quilter. Seven (7!) weeks later I got it back, and I am so happy with the darling flower stitching all over it. This weekend I did the binding, and now, finally, Goosey has her quilt.

1 comment:

~j. said...

So pretty. She will love having this.

(I will learn to quilt someday...someday...)

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