20 February 2010

Surrounded by amazing women

Yesterday I re-read ~J's post about LDS girls and education. I also re-read the comments. Since then I've been wondering, was my college experience abnormal, or the norm?

I had ten roommates in college (at the BYU). Amongst us, we covered the following majors:
Spanish Teaching
Social Science Teaching
Mechanical Engineering
Audiology, Speech & Language Pathology
Music Performance, brass emphasis

One of my roommates didn't return to school after her mission. Of the remaining nine only two of us did not earn masters degrees. One, I know for sure, has a PhD.

None of us were majoring in early childhood education or home sciences. None of us chose our majors because we thought they would make us good wives and mothers--we chose them because they were areas that we loved and were passionate about. I'm the only one who married before I got my degree, and most of these women married after receiving a masters degree.

My experience (be it anecdotal) tells me that we are an educated group of women. I like to think it wasn't uncommon, but rather the way of things for today's LDS woman.


dalene said...

Although I believe there are many ways to gain an education, my university experience was similar to yours. Not that there's anything wrong with early childhood ed or home sciences, of course (my husband has two degrees in education).

But yes--the women I knew chose to study subjects about which they were passionate. As did I.

The other day my niece, who is currently attending BYU stated out loud that all the girls at BYU were studying home and family ed and they were in that subject to get a husband. It was a truly ignorant and completely incorrect statement--especially to come out of the mouth of a psych major--and I told her as much.

I honestly don't believe it's any different today than it was 20 years ago.

Anna Cosby said...

I have to give a shout out to your ASLP major roommate. She must have been awesome!

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