09 February 2010

100 Places

A big thank you to everyone who sent Goosey postcards for her 100 days project. She had so much fun receiving each one, examining it, and learning where in the world it came from. Her favorite was from the Forbidden City in China (although she still wants to know how someone could take a picture of it if it's forbidden).

Craig drove Goosey and her project to school this morning. Upon returning home he reported that it was quite a hit-- a group of kids gathered around , and on his way out he overheard, "Did you see Goosey's? It has 100 postcards!"

Truly, thank you for making her vision happen.


Popcorn House said...

I LOVE IT! What a great idea! Wow she is looking so grown up. Think of you guys often and wish we were closer....miss you!

carblemarble said...


Dan & Staci said...

That turned out awesome! How fun is that. What a great idea!

La Yen said...

That turned out so well! I am glad they got there in time!

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