03 December 2009

Thank you my sisters

Here's the thing about being the RS Pres--it a thankless, mostly unrewarding calling. It's not like Primary where you feel like you accomplished something on that autumn Sunday when the kids present their yearly sacrament meeting program. And not like Young Women where you feel super proud when your darling teenagers receive their Young Womanhood Recognition. Or even like Sunday School, which is also mostly thankless and unrewarding, but at least you get to pass your unruly class(which you have somehow learned to love) on to a new teacher each year.

Nope. The Relief Society president deals with problems and concerns and issues and emergencies. And that's just about it. There is the occasional ray of sunshine when a sister has progressed and become worthy to attend the temple--and believe me, I love those small moments. But overall, it's a lot of hard work.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday I received not one, but two emails from sisters in the ward thanking me for all that I do. Neither of these sisters are women who I serve with, nor who I socialize with on a regular basis. But each of them took the time to write a note saying that they realize how hard the work is and that they appreciate my efforts.

And that is exactly what I needed yesterday.


Queen Scarlett said...

Love you.

Shannon said...

You deserve both plus a thousand more. You're right, we should all appreciate RS presidents a lot more than we do. It's a ery visible and invisible calling all at the same time.

Shell said...

I think that RS president would be the hardest calling besides Bishop. I have watched my Mom have to deal with a lot of hard things when she was President. Don't ever think that what you do goes unnoticed. I am sure you do a great job! You will notice lots of blessings in your life from your service. :)

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