09 November 2009

Yes, I'm serious.

Another house fire in the ward tonight. They can't get in until tomorrow when the firefighters okay it structurally, but it looks bad. There probably won't be much to salvage.

Sometimes it just feels like too much.


carblemarble said...

Goodness, is there anything we can do? So much for you and the ward to do! Prayers, at least, coming!

La Yen said...

Hells Bells, cabesh! Seriously, what can we do to help?

Shannon said...

Holy Cow! Who this time? Must be something good in the pike if all these troubles are popping like this.

Queen Scarlett said...

OH MY!! Sending prayers. How are you holding up??

cabesh said...

I'm doing okay...today has actually been pretty slow. Monday evening and yesterday were spent finding clothes and furniture, and cleaning the apartment that they're moving into.

Today I'm at home with my kids, relaxing, and making cookies. Thanks for the prayers for these families. I have faith that they will bring comfort to them both.

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