18 November 2009

In honor of La Yen's womb party

When we were expecting Goosey we had this home teacher who was clueless. The kind of guy that asked Craig for computer programming advice because he had some great idea he wanted to launch, but wouldn't tell Craig what it actually was because he thought it was so genius. You know, the kind of idea that Craig might want to steal should he reveal any details (yeah, right). Which made it really hard to give any advice.

Anyway, he was our home teacher for a few months, including the month that we had our ultrasound. When our home teachers arrived a week or so after the ultrasound we proudly announced that we would be having a little girl.

"Oh, do you have a name?" asked normal HTer.

"Well," said I, "We're thinking about Claire, or maybe Chloe."

"DON'T do Chloe!" exclaimed clueless HTer.

"Why?" I asked, wondering if he had an arch-nemesis named Chloe.

"Because," he replied, with an 'isn't it obvious' look on his face, "she'll be made fun of. That's the kind of name that kids just make fun of."

"Okay." And I left it at that. But all I could keep thinking was:

Really dude? 'Cause you didn't grow up in Utah, and your name's Ammon.

Take away: Name your kid whatever* you want, because it's your kid and you have reasons for liking names. And ignore everyone else who has an opinion on that name, because it's none of their business.

Congratulate La Yen here.

*Exception: Don't name your kid after Satan (like my cousin).....I'm just saying.


April M. said...

Thank you! I moved to Utah from CA a few years ago, and one of the things that fascinates me is the strange things they name their kids here.

Moron is a scriptural name, but come on....

I love your daughter's name :)

Lindsey said...

Do I get to ignore Kevin's opinion, too? You know he likes Jerry and Laurana....

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