25 November 2009

So much gratitude

I am thankful for friends, rain, my blue walls, Craig's job, and sisters-in-law.

23 November 2009

It's so fun

The past two years I posted about our Thanksgiving relish turkey-- my favorite Thanksgiving tradition (thanks to my mother-in-law). After Thanksgiving last year I found out that two of my friends tried it:

Suzanne's turkey.

Christa's turkey.
I love variation on a theme.

Our turkey last year.

And we'll do it again this year because when I asked Dogger if he was excited for Thanksgiving he said, "I'm excited for the turkey that we get to make. With the olives."


18 November 2009

In honor of La Yen's womb party

When we were expecting Goosey we had this home teacher who was clueless. The kind of guy that asked Craig for computer programming advice because he had some great idea he wanted to launch, but wouldn't tell Craig what it actually was because he thought it was so genius. You know, the kind of idea that Craig might want to steal should he reveal any details (yeah, right). Which made it really hard to give any advice.

Anyway, he was our home teacher for a few months, including the month that we had our ultrasound. When our home teachers arrived a week or so after the ultrasound we proudly announced that we would be having a little girl.

"Oh, do you have a name?" asked normal HTer.

"Well," said I, "We're thinking about Claire, or maybe Chloe."

"DON'T do Chloe!" exclaimed clueless HTer.

"Why?" I asked, wondering if he had an arch-nemesis named Chloe.

"Because," he replied, with an 'isn't it obvious' look on his face, "she'll be made fun of. That's the kind of name that kids just make fun of."

"Okay." And I left it at that. But all I could keep thinking was:

Really dude? 'Cause you didn't grow up in Utah, and your name's Ammon.

Take away: Name your kid whatever* you want, because it's your kid and you have reasons for liking names. And ignore everyone else who has an opinion on that name, because it's none of their business.

Congratulate La Yen here.

*Exception: Don't name your kid after Satan (like my cousin).....I'm just saying.

09 November 2009

Yes, I'm serious.

Another house fire in the ward tonight. They can't get in until tomorrow when the firefighters okay it structurally, but it looks bad. There probably won't be much to salvage.

Sometimes it just feels like too much.

03 November 2009

Challenging Times

Sometimes life just comes at you. Non-stop. And that's the way it is.

I've been gearing up for Relief Society service because we're going to have eight babies in our ward from December to June. That may not sound like a lot to you, but when you have 41 women that you see regularly at church 8 is a huge number. So, I've been making plans to freeze meals and to be really prepared--congratulating myself on having things under control (there was the mistake).

And then this week.

My first counselor is down with the flu. My second counselor's mother had a heart attack and is in the hospital.

One of our members' home burned down yesterday. He, and his family, lost everything. And the smoke from that fire caused damage to an elderly sister's home around the corner. The home that is her source of income because she rents out rooms in it.

Another of our sisters has a disabled son who got pneumonia and has just been transferred to the children's hospital in Boston, to be on a ventilator in the ICU. We're arranging childcare for the other son.

And those are just things that I can talk about.

I am so grateful that the Lord has set up an organization, a plan, to allow us to help our brothers and sisters. I am humbled to be part of that. Yes, life can be challenging, but there are ways to meet those challenges, and the number one way is through faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.
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