16 October 2009

Too early

It's snowing right now. Soft flakes are gently floating down from the sky. It's not sticking, but that doesn't change the fact that it's snowing. On 16 October (which happens to be Craig's birthday). My sweet little daughter is standing at the bus stop, bundled up, while snow swirls around her.

Snow? This early? And we're having school? This definitely is NOT southwestern Oregon.


compulsive writer said...

wow. it is a little early. and definitely not oregon!

Jessica said...

yeah I was not happy when I saw that this morning. But I don’t remember 1 Halloween growing up in Wyoming when there wasn’t snow on the ground and we were wearing snow suits under our costumes.

Shannon said...

You guys definitely beat us. We're still in the 60's, but I'm getting excited for cold weather. At least this snow fall won't stay. Hope tomorow is sunny and warm!

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