07 October 2009

Out of my element

Goosey and I spent waaaay too long wandering around Walmart tonight. She has two birthday parties this weekend--both for boys. I have no idea what 7-year-old boys like. My boys are still preschoolers, so they like trains, trucks and whatever their dad likes (which would be Star Wars).

She ended up getting a Bakugan something..... I really don't know what these are. But Goosey says some of the boys have brought them to school. Have I bought something that's going to make the parents loathe me?

Suggestions for 7-year old boys?


La Yen said...

I think they are like the demon spawn of Pokeman/Bionicles. Or something.

carblemarble said...

Christian wanted transformers.

Shannon said...

Bakugan is totally acceptable for boys. Rivards were just here and Noah was happy to take all the ones that my boys didn't want anymore.

My favorite gift at this age is a $5 Blockbuster card, a couple of movie boxes of candy from Wal-mart and a couple of pouches of microwave popcorn. Toss in a gift bag, cover with tissue paper, and voila! a present that most everyone likes- especially the child who now has their own "money" to spend and they get the movie they want.

THe good thing about moving a lot the last few years is we can keep giving this gift. Now we've lived here a year and I have to remember which kids we've given that gift to!

Christa said...

OK -- this is my 1st ever comment I've left. I'm not good at the blog thing. My kids love bakugans - my boys and girls. I haven't ever watched the show, but I know there are good guys and bad guys, but apart from that -- I'm clueless. It's also the McDonald's happy meal toy now, so my kids love that.

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