13 October 2009

It totally happened

I've always said that I'm just waiting to see someone I know on TV. Not on the local news like the time Craig was in a five car pile up and they interviewed him about it, or how I see my old high school mates on Monday night football.....but for real on TV. You know, like on a game show or reality show or on CNN because they did something incredibly stupid or awesome.

Well, tonight we were turned on a House Hunters that was part way through and I recognized someone!!!

"Hey, that's someone that we worked with at the BYU!" I pointed to the realtor.

"Yeah, he worked for me." Craig said, amazed.

There it is. One of my life's expectations met.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

That's kind of cool. Check one off the bucket list. I saw a friend on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. He obviously decorates better than me. They couldn't get in the door, here, much less find anything to take a picture of!

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