01 September 2009

First Day of School

The outfit

New backpack

She gets to ride the bus this year

With her teacher, Mrs. C

At her desk, across from her friend Larkin


~j. said...

What a lovely dress, what a lovely, grown-up girl!

(We have that backpack. This year it's in 2nd grade.)

carblemarble said...

I love her outfit! So stylish. Did she like riding the bus ? Her teacher looks nice. Did they get to choose where to sit?

cabesh said...

She LOVES the bus....gets to sit by our next door neighbor, Delaney and her best friend, Paige (the buses are over capacity so they have to sit three to a seat).

They did get to choose where they sit. We were really excited to find out that Larkin is in her class--they played soccer and softball together last year but have never been in school together.

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a precious little girl. First days of school are always exciting!

Lindsey said...

Fun! I always loved getting to use all my new school stuff. Can't wait to hear how she reats to Grandmommy's visit.

Lindsey said...

that should be "reacts"

Shell said...

Your children are getting so big! They are so adorable!

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