28 June 2009

Who does that????

When I see trash on the side of the road I assume that a garbage can was knocked over and the wind blew the contents around....or something flew out of the back of a truck....or some other accident occurred. Imagine my absolute horror today when I saw someone open the driver's window and chuck a soda cup out.

Seriously. I really thought people didn't litter any more.

25 June 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Goosey's hat kept slipping over her eyes.

Shaking hands with Mr. N, the principal.

With Mrs. P. She is such a fantastic teacher-- we'll miss her a lot.

With her friends M. and E. Cute girls!

And school is out for the summer. Thank goodness!!!!!

18 June 2009

Dogger's latest purchase

Yesterday morning Dogger decided to draw a continuous line (or as he calls it, trail) on the walls from his bedroom through the hallway, our bedroom and the bathroom. With black crayon. The only room he skipped was Goosey's. I can only assume he wanted to avoid her wrath.

Since water alone would not take the crayon off, Dogger's punishment was as follows: You must use your spending money to buy a magic eraser, then you must scrub the walls clean. He bought the erasers, but in the end I did most of the scrubbing. Hopefully the lesson still got through.

16 June 2009

I prefer

sausage over bacon
jam with seeds
whole grain bread
oranges to apples
Upper Elementary School rather than Middle School or Jr. High
swimming over jogging
West Coast
Young Women over RS
sleeping in
hardwood floors
green leaf lettuce
black and white photographs
the color orange
white Christmas lights
swimming pools to natural bodies of water
reading to TV

13 June 2009

Softball girl

Today is Goosey's last softball game. She has learned a lot and had so much fun.

What a swing!

Playing short stop.

Hitting the ball!

Busy, Busy Week

Our favorite babysitter and good friend was married yesterday. It's been a fun week of a bridal shower, temple attendance and a reception. Doesn't she look fabulous in her tea length dress and red shoes? Love it!

We'll miss having Mallory during her school breaks, but we know she'll be having lots of fun as a new bride and with her new job as a kindergarten teacher. Congratulations Mal (and Lane). We love you!

Right smack in the middle of all the the wedding festivities, another young friend came home from his mission. I was negligent last night and failed to snap a photo of Goosey running to give him a big hug. The kids had prayed faithfully for Elder C. each night he was on his mission--and wrote lots of letters and drew lots of pictures for him too. This is most exciting week my kids have had this year!

02 June 2009

I had to stifle a giggle (...okay, a snort)

"Since I've grown older I realize that I've gotten wiser."

Overheard two pews behind us, as a 20 year old missionary sought to validate an elderly gentleman's comment.
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