06 May 2009

Days 4&5: Road Trip

We went to Palmyra! It was seven hours driving (with bathroom breaks) each way, but the kids did pretty good.

Here are the kids, early in the morning, at the Sacred Grove.

It was peaceful, except for the bugs.

The Palmyra Temple, as seen from the Smith Farm.

Replica of the Smith Family log home.

Here we are in the upstairs room where the Angel Moroni came to visit Joseph Smith.

The Smith frame home where Joseph repeatedly hid the golden plates.

Here is the monument atop the Hill Cumorah.

The kids enjoyed the running-around space on the Hill Cumorah. Craig was helping them learn how to do cartwheels.

After the three tours, we met up with some old friends from Provo. They live in Ithaca and were kind enough to drive up to see us. We had fun visiting while our kids played in the park. It's so nice to re-connect with old friends.


Queen Scarlett said...

Great pictures of the trip. Haven't been to those places yet... hopefully soon.

Love the pics of you and your kids! Miss you!

~j. said...

My mom & stepdad are at the Palmyra temple today. I do love it there...but the bugs, yeah, bigger than my head. Yikes.

Pink Posts said...

Really cool!

Shell said...

Someday I want to go see all the church sites out that way. What a neat experience! I can't wait! Your kids are getting so big, they are beautiful.

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