20 May 2009

2y+4m+1d = a new record

Since I've been married the longest I've lived at one address is 2 years and 4 months. Today is 2 years, 4 months and one day. To be honest, I've been feeling a little restless in our home--I've haven't stayed in one place so long since I graduated high school. Thank goodness we decided we were ready to do some updates because I was so ready. Now it feels new without being new. I can handle that.

The biggest improvement is this:

I am totally in love with our handscraped birch floors. Love, love, love them. I don't even want to put area rugs down. I'm sure the paint helped too.

BEFORE: Dining Room

AFTER: Dining Room

BEFORE: Front Room

AFTER: Front Room

There's nothing like a spring spruce-up to make you feel great. I've got a few more projects underway: slipcovers, new chandelier, kitchen backsplash. Oh the possibilities!


carblemarble said...

The floors look fabulous! So does the paint, I love it! What a difference.

Queen Scarlett said...

Love the floors...and I really like your red chairs.

Lindsey said...

Looking totally fabulous! I hope you've already taught the kiddos to slide around in their socks, because that's obviously the number one reason to have hardwood floors.

Shannon said...

Looks awesome! Want to come visit and fix my floors, too?

Anna Cosby said...

Wow I'm so impressed. I mean, the green carpet was great but those floors are amazing!

Shell said...

It looks great! I love doing home improvement projects too.

Pink Posts said...

I loved finding this post and seeing pics of your updates! They're awesome! The light blue just makes it so soothing and happy! Love the wood floors! Can't wait to see more. It's a cool house!

Cindi said...

I LOVE your floor!!! Good for you! We're really glad you are STAYING PUT!

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