29 April 2009

Day 3: A New Tradition

Today we went to the library. I've been neglectful in this area for the past two years. The library in our city is less than desirable--pay to park, one way streets, not the best part of town, not a "kid friendly" children's department. Today we travelled south to a little town that has reciprocal rights with our library. It was awesome.

The children's room was exactly as it should be--bright, fun, and friendly. The two older kids made the craft of the day (see their nifty hats) while Lew played in the toddler room. The librarians were so friendly and helpful. Everything was clean. I can't wait to go again. I'm planning on making it a Wednesday ritual.

We followed that library visit with a visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Yum!


Jessica said...

Sounds like fun. What Mexican Restaurant is your favorite?

Lindsey said...

That sounds like the best day ever! Miss you guys and the kiddos tons.

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