22 April 2009

BYU-Idaho is not BYU

It's that time of year: graduation is just around the corner. I find myself running into young women from the stake (or their parents) that I've gotten to know over the past three years of camp service. I always ask the seniors about their plans; where are they going to school?

Often I get the response, "BYU!" Thrilled to hear that another fine young lady will be joining the Cougar ranks I begin to quiz them on where they are living, the classes are they taking, are they doing freshman academy? More often than not I quickly realize that the young woman will be attending BYU-Idaho.

Now I have nothing against BYU-I, but when you tell me that you're going to BYU and then I find out it's really BYU-I I feel like you were trying to pull a quick one on me. Despite the New England tendency to "shorten" the name to BYU, BYU-Idaho is really not BYU.

BYU-Idaho and BYU have different admissions standards, dress and grooming standards, curfews, graduation requirements, tuitions, colleges and programs, and cultures. BYU-Idaho is not a satellite campus for BYU. That's called the Salt Lake Center.

So, my friends, let's be honest with one another. If you're going to BYU-Idaho say so. Know the school well enough to know that it's not BYU. Don't puff it up, and I will not have to be disappointed.


La Yen said...


Queen Scarlett said...


~j. said...

Let's be honest with one another. If you're going to BYU-Idaho, say so. Know the school well enough to know that it's called Ricks.

Shannon said...

Hearing you loud and clear!

The Streiffs said...


Totally miss you and your rants. I love em.


The Lahr's said...

I think I will just go to MIT noone will mistake that one LOL

Anonymous said...

BYU-Idaho and BYU-Provo are the same. Both are run by mormons, why else would they extend the "BYU" brand to the one in Idaho?

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