29 April 2009

Day 3: A New Tradition

Today we went to the library. I've been neglectful in this area for the past two years. The library in our city is less than desirable--pay to park, one way streets, not the best part of town, not a "kid friendly" children's department. Today we travelled south to a little town that has reciprocal rights with our library. It was awesome.

The children's room was exactly as it should be--bright, fun, and friendly. The two older kids made the craft of the day (see their nifty hats) while Lew played in the toddler room. The librarians were so friendly and helpful. Everything was clean. I can't wait to go again. I'm planning on making it a Wednesday ritual.

We followed that library visit with a visit to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Yum!

28 April 2009

Day 2: The beach

We took advantage of the 90+ degree weather today and went to the beach! It was pretty busy--especially for April. It was nice and warm on the sand, but the water was frigid. That didn't stop Goosey and Dogger from wading.
Lew preferred to stay out of the water. He said it was "too scary". He had fun digging in the sand.
The boys shared a chair and a snack.
Dogger cooled off under the sand.

Who needs Cancun? We've got New Hampshire!

27 April 2009

Spring Break, Day 1

Today we travelled south for a visit to the Boston Museum of Science. We'd never been there before, and ended up purchasing a year long membership. And it's a good thing, because it took us four hours just to cover one level!

Goosey said her favorite part was the dinosaur exhibit. Good thing, since she wants to be a paleontologist. Dogger liked "everything" and Lew liked "fun".

After the museum we popped over to Mike's Pastry in the North End (my favorite Boston neigborhood). Mike's is a must for any visit to Boston. The cannoli is to die for. But everything else is good too--I'm a big fan of the peanut butter brownie.

Good day, day 1.

22 April 2009

BYU-Idaho is not BYU

It's that time of year: graduation is just around the corner. I find myself running into young women from the stake (or their parents) that I've gotten to know over the past three years of camp service. I always ask the seniors about their plans; where are they going to school?

Often I get the response, "BYU!" Thrilled to hear that another fine young lady will be joining the Cougar ranks I begin to quiz them on where they are living, the classes are they taking, are they doing freshman academy? More often than not I quickly realize that the young woman will be attending BYU-Idaho.

Now I have nothing against BYU-I, but when you tell me that you're going to BYU and then I find out it's really BYU-I I feel like you were trying to pull a quick one on me. Despite the New England tendency to "shorten" the name to BYU, BYU-Idaho is really not BYU.

BYU-Idaho and BYU have different admissions standards, dress and grooming standards, curfews, graduation requirements, tuitions, colleges and programs, and cultures. BYU-Idaho is not a satellite campus for BYU. That's called the Salt Lake Center.

So, my friends, let's be honest with one another. If you're going to BYU-Idaho say so. Know the school well enough to know that it's not BYU. Don't puff it up, and I will not have to be disappointed.

10 April 2009

Goosey loses a tooth

Two and a half years ago Goosey fell and hit one of her front teeth on a concrete slab. There was no immediate damage, but now that her permanent tooth has started it's descent (or however they say that in dental language), the dentist recommend extracting the tooth so that it wouldn't interfere with the new one.


Goosey was fantastic at the dentist's office. The perfect patient. During the process Dr. Luis asked her how she was feeling and she said, "I feel like I'm spinning." Evidently laughing gas works well on her.

I love the missing tooth--I think little kids with gaps in their smiles are so cute!

08 April 2009

Just plain wrong

Some things shouldn't be trifled with. Pride and Prejudice is one of them. This is what happens when a guy tries to mess with it. Wrong. Just plain wrong.
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