31 March 2009

Mission Accomplished

When we moved into our house we knew it needed a little love. That's how we could afford it! The original floor plan looked (very roughly) like this:

The second owners, the ones previous to us, had an elderly grandma who could not climb the stairs to use the full bathroom. So, they built a couple of walls and added a shower. Unfortunately, the result was a wall on top of carpet (the one that creates her bedroom), and a coat closet accessible only through the bathroom.

Not only that, but the work was poorly done. The portion of the wall that created the shower was not planed flat, the corner of the over-the-carpet wall wasn't even completely finished off. Here are some pictures of their creation:

Looking toward the side entrance from the kitchen. (We added the hangers to make it more functional--we also had a bench with bins for shoes underneath it). It was just a long hallway.

Looking from the hallway into the Grandma's room.

On the other side of the door, looking through the bedroom door into the hallway. That's the wall that was built on top of the carpet.

And here are the pictures of how well they finished off that wall.

This is my personal favorite. The coat closet that was only accessible through the bathroom. You see one door, but originally it had two sliding doors. So....you're seeing about 1/3 of the space, the other 2/3 is to the left of the opening. That's the shower to the left. This space was
our coat closet/kitchen overflow/catchall for two years.

Our current changes include a pantry (hurray!). Since we didn't want to spend our entire budget on moving plumbing, we decided to keep the shower where it was rather than rotating it to open toward the toilet. This meant that we were left with the small former coat closet space, which we will use for boots, coats, gloves, and other necessary items for a New England winter.

Mudroom nook. We'll put some shelves against the back wall with bins for our winter clothing. The sides will have hooks for our coats.

Looking toward the side entrance from the kitchen. That's the pantry door on the right.

Inside the pantry. Hurray!!!!!!

Looking from the front door into the formal living room. That opening in the distance is the mudroom.

20 March 2009

Things are changing

Two years, two months and one day. That's how long we've been in our house. Today we finally start remodel/updating. As I write this a guy named Dave is demoing a wall and a half. Tomorrow a new wall and pantry will be built.

I took before pictures, but I think I'll wait to post them with the after pictures so that they make more sense.

I have piles of stuff everywhere--books, coats, shoes. It's a little crazy, but I'm holding on to the vision.

Will update soon.

12 March 2009

A pleasant afternoon

Playing Star Wars at the kitchen counter while sun pours through the window....then taking a break for warm chocolate chip cookies, straight from the oven.

03 March 2009


Are you creating?
Has your capacity to create been enhanced by the Spirit?
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