19 February 2009

Slow down!

My baby has become a toddler all too quickly.
I hold him hostage and kiss these cheeks every chance I get!

16 February 2009

A new era

Tonight we tried a new recipe--cheesy vegetable soup.   As Craig tried it, I said, "The recipe calls for H-A-M, but I misread it so we're going vegetarian tonight."   I knew that if I mentioned ham the kids would want to know where it was (they love their meat).

A couple of minutes later while Craig was telling me what he read in Les Misérables today, Goosey suddenly blurts out..."Hhhhhh-am, hhhh-am, HAM!  This recipe is supposed to have ham!"

Well, there goes that.

09 February 2009

I'm really not that nice

I get asked to watch people's kids. A lot. I'm sure it's because my kids are at home, so parents figure there's someone for their kid to play with. But really, it's a lot.

There are a couple of kids from church that I'll watch anytime. Having them here makes no difference in our home--they play nicely, follow our rules and are polite. Seriously, I love those kids and it almost makes my life easier because my kids are entertained. Then there are the others...

The problem is that unless I have something on my calendar, I will say "yes". Because I don't want to lie, and I'm not comfortable saying, "I'd rather not watch your kid." And I always end up resenting it. And then I feel even more upset because one, or all of the following are usually involved:
1. It's a last minute request (derailing my non-calendar plans, like grocery shopping)
2. They show up early
3. The parents return late
4. The kid(s) whine
5. My playroom is left in a state of disaster

Why can't I say "no"? Should I say "no"? Do I just need a better attitude?

01 February 2009

Something in the water

I've admitted it before...we don't follow professional sports.  We're just not into it.  So, it's really not unusual that I didn't know who was playing in the Super Bowl until I looked at CNN.com this evening.  Yes, I'm serious.  I didn't know.

Then I actually got a little excited when I saw who was playing--the Steelers.  See, this guy--I went to high school with him.  I concede that the Super Bowl becomes a little bit interesting when I know someone who is playing in it.

So, it's half time, and the Steelers are up.  Go Troy!

P.S.  I also went to high school with this guy.  That's right, two NFL players from my little high school of 500 students.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.
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